About me

I've been a technology junkie since I got a Commodore 64, though things got much more interesting at about age 11, when I got my no-name, 386DX 40Mhz with "Turbo Mode" - I still don't understand why I'd want to run in "non-turbo" but, I digress...The machine was disassembled on the dinner table within 2 weeks. I managed to get it back together and that was the beginning of the end. A 1200bps modem and a local library run BBS made things a bit more interesting, as did getting myself banned from my ISP at least once. I eventually started consulting at the age of 17. It's been a good run.

Professionally, I focus on Microsoft technologies. As a hobby, I make it a point to learn open-source platforms and languages. I believe in agile development, continuous learning, and using the right tool for the job - regardless of platform.

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