New Everything

15 Nov 2013

Well...I finally got around to tweaking my blog, and in theory that will mean I actually get to writing a bit more. This instance of my blog is running on Sandra Snow. It's basically a port of Jekyll with some additional features, and of course running on .NET (NancyFx) rather than Ruby. The way both of these work is pretty much the same..

Create a mark-down files --> Run Sandra.Snow --> Get HTML pages --> Push to GitHub

A mark-down file is really just a text file with some basic keywords (you can find more info on the specifics here). Sandra.Snow basically reads these in, parses to appy the some rules (paging, etc.), and then spits out some pretty HTML which I push to GitHub (hello, entirely free hosting). This all means that when you hit my blog, you are hitting purely static HTML; zero database calls (well, unless GitHub is doing some).

Thanks to @PhillipHaydon and @jchannon for their work on putting this together.

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